Livescribe Aegir Smartpen, Dolphin Edition, Teal Color

Digitize your handwritten notes effortlessly. At almost the same size and weight as a ball-point pen, digitally transforming your handwriting has never been easier, or more fashionable
Add voice to your notes. Record audio using the Livescribe+ app while you write to add voice to your notes. Playback when needed to recreate key moments
Write now, sync later. Capture every moment – The Aegir smartpen can store up to 1,200 pages of writing and sync later with your phone
Search for terms within your handwriting. Use the Livescribe+ app to search your handwritten notes and find what you need, when you need it. Custom tags keep your notes organized.
Seamlessly integrate the Aegir smartpen into your life. Share notes in the format that you want (Text/PDF/image/MS Word) to the cloud service that you use (Dropbox/Google Drive/MS OneNote/Evernote). Digitize across boundaries. The Aegir smartpen can recognize 22 languages in your handwriting and digitally transcribe in real-time



Key Features
Write now, sync later
Now you can start writing without needing an active connection with your Bluetooth device. The Aegir smartpen can store up to 1,200 pages of notes and copy them over to the Livescribe+ app the next time you connect.
Add voice to your notes
Voice adds a whole new dimension to your notes and gives you the ability to re-live important periods and interactions.
Used with the Aegir smartpen, the Livescribe+ app records audio in sync with your handwritten notes.
Make your handwriting searchable
Your handwriting is searchable, like everything else in your life. Tags can be added to keep your notes.
Use the search function in the Livescribe+ app to quickly search your handwritten notes from across notebooks.
Sync with your cloud services
Link your OneNote, Evernote, Google Drive, or Dropbox account and watch your notes become available across the cloud services you use.

Recognize and transcribe handwriting from 22 languages
Powered by the industry-leading MyScript technology, the Livescribe+ app automatically transcribes your handwriting from 22 languages.
Share notes in the format you need
Liberate your notes by sharing them in any format you need – PDF, DOCX, PNG, TXT and more.
Our slimmest and lightest yet
At almost the same size and weight as a ball-point pen, writing digital has never been so effortless – or more fashionable.

Smart Paper Controls
Use paper controls printed on Livescribe smartpaper to initiate or carry out pre-defined actions using the Aegir smartpen.

Quick send: Send your notes to cloud directly from the Livescribe paper with a tap on quick send paper control
Recording controls: Control your recording using the printed recording paper controls

Aegir smartpen is compatible with all existing Livescribe Dot-pattern enabled notebooks.

How It Works
Everything the Aegir smartpen writes on Livescribe paper is digitally captured and stored on the pen. Then, when the pen is next connected to a mobile device, it reliably transfers the data to the companion app.

Tech Specs
Aegir Smartpen Specs
Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0)
Battery: Rechargeable lithium (non-removable)
Charging: Micro USB port
Camera: High-speed infrared camera
Audio-recording and playback is handled by your companion device

In The Box
Aegir Smartpen
Ink Cartridge
32-Page Starter Notepad
Micro USB Cable
Quick Start Guide
Livescribe+ Mobile App for iOS and Android (free download)


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